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What is Self-Compassion?

Why is self-compassion important, and what are some specific practices and steps that you can use to increase feelings of self-compassion? In these insightful videos, Dr. Krystina Patton, registered psychotherapist and naturopathic doctor, illuminates a unique perspective on self-compassion. Based on research and combining multiple frameworks, in an easy-to-understand way, she explains the neurology of self-compassion. Then, she follows with actionable research-backed tips that you can use to practice self-compassion daily to strengthen what she calls the neurological “care circuit”. 

To learn what the “care circuit” is and why self-compassion is necessary in life and specifically in therapy, check out this first video. 

Then once you understand why self-compassion is necessary, check out this second video for simple, actionable tips that you can use to practice self-compassion.

Dr. Krystina Patton takes a unique approach to therapy, in which she combines somatic therapy, internal family systems (IFS) therapy, EMDR and other modalities for a neurologically-based, trauma-informed perspective to help people “stop surviving, start thriving”. To learn more, you can find her psychotherapy practice here, more of her educational videos here, or email her at krystina@drkrystina.com.

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