Suse Silva is a Toronto based visual artist working in Toronto. She uses visual art as a way to express her internal experiences to being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In Suse’s own words:

“ ‘Amnesia’ (34″ x 50″ x 1.5″ acrylic on canvas) is part of an ongoing series of abstract paintings titled ‘Uncovering’. I paint abstractly to express my inner being, much like the modernist’s practice of self-criticism. Since being diagnosed with type-I bipolar disorder, in August of 2010, I have used this method to comprehend and visually display my internal discourse and emotions. These large-scale automatic expressions transcend the limitations of representation, becoming a portal into the viewer’s soul. These paintings are influenced by everyday life, the power of the mind and the subconscious. They reflect the state of the unknown, the otherworldly and the minds ability to create a new reality. As the title may suggest, this painting more specifically relates to memory. During a manic episode and often afterwards, memory is greatly impacted. Images and ideas from the past become warped, the present become surreal, and the future become limitless”.

Visual Art, Painting, Bipolar Disorder, Emotions, Expression, Mental Health, Recovery, Coping, Memory, Self Understanding

Image Credits:
Feature Image: Mark Daynes, on Unsplash, Creative Commons
Body Image: Suse Silva, on Instagram, Used with artists permission