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My Mind & Me: Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s newest single, My Mind & Me, takes a leap of faith and touches on the hardships and struggles associated with dealing with one’s own mental health. Through her lyrics, Gomez describes how her and her own thoughts (or mind) do not get along at times, causing her to feel suffocated and as though her surroundings are collapsing onto her. She goes on to mention how while she might feel like a burden to others by discussing her mental health, she hopes that by expressing herself she may continue to normalize the discussion surrounding the subject and potentially touch on those who may be able to relate. 

My mind and me
We don’t get along sometimes
And it gets hard to breathe
But I wouldn’t change my life
And all of the crashin’ and burnin’ and breakin’, I know now
If somebody sees me like this, then they won’t feel alone now
My mind and me”

In an interview, Dr. Vivek Murthy, President Joe Biden’s surgeon general, discusses the value that Gomez has placed on starting the discussion on hard to speak subjects, stating:
If you recognize that [almost everyone is struggling in some way], you’ll recognize that there’s many ways to reach out… in the context of a positive interaction … and we reaffirm to ourselves that we have value to bring to the world.”

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