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A Taoist Story: Maybe

Knowing how to find emotional balance in life is important because we all experience ups and downs. By developing mindfulness and bringing perspective to our experience, we can learn to respond to our emotions rather than react to them. Let me share with you a story I heard some years ago at a meditation retreat. This Taoist story teaches us the importance of letting go and flow with life.

I once heard a story about an old farmer. He had a beautiful and strong horse that helped him on the farm, working his fields. But one day, the horse ran away.  His neighbours came by and said to him “this is such bad luck, we are sorry”, to which the farmer replied “Maybe”.

The next morning, the horse returned, bringing with it three other sturdy wild horses. When the farmer’s neighbours saw the horses, they came and said: “You are very fortunate, what good luck”, to which the farmer replied “Maybe”.

The following week, the farmer’s son decided to tame one of the new wild horses. The animal was strong and robust. With a sudden movement the horse threw the rider, and the young man broke his leg. Again the neighbours came to console the farmer, “we are very sorry, what bad luck,” they told him, to which the farmer repeated, “Maybe.”

Two weeks later, an army regiment came to recruit young men to fight in the war. As they passed by the farmer’s house, they saw the young man with a broken leg and passed by. The neighbours saw that and said to the farmer “you are very lucky; things have worked very well for your family”, to which once again the farmer repeated: “Maybe.”

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