Art Therapy and the Mind/Body Connection

Art Therapy and the Mind/Body Connection

Sara Roizen is an artist and licensed board-certified creative arts therapist. Sara leads an art therapy class to help individuals struggling with mental illness.

In her blog, Roizen writes, “a reoccurring theme for many of the veterans I have worked with is a sense of loss in the physical realm.” Her goal is to help these individuals explore the mind/body connection through creative means, to come to a deeper understanding about personal mental health.

Roizen asks participants in her art therapy classes to create a body silhouette (her example is below), which symbolizes how the body feels in the present moment. She writes, “I ask them to imagine that their body has a voice and is speaking to them. We then use drawing materials to fill in the silhouette with colors, shapes, and forms.”

body scan art

To see more of her art, or to learn about her work in art therapy, please visit Roizen’s personal blog.