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Uninvited Guest

“Uninvited Guest” is a short poem by Vicky from Family Friend Poems that captures the depths of depression and the helplessness one may feel when consumed by mental illness. Yet, through the darkness, the writer holds onto a glimmer of hope at the end of the piece. The author explains that “anyone who has suffered from depression will understand… I urge you to fight. There IS a light at the end of the tunnel”.


Uninvited Guest
Feel broken down, my body aches
My heart it bleeds from past mistakes
Can’t stop the tears, they fall like rain
The words are spinning ’round my brain
So scared and feeling so alone
The coldness fills my every bone
No food, no sleep, can’t think at all
Each way I turn, another wall
This darkness haunts my very soul
My world seems dead I’ve lost control
The only weapon is my pen
Depression has moved in again


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Feature: darkwood67 at flickr, Creative Commons, Some Rights Reserved